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Where can I find information about safety recalls?

There are a number of ways of checking if a customer’s vehicle is subject to a safety recall by using the vehicle safety recall search: https://www.themotorombudsman.org/vehicle-recalls on the Motor Codes website. This service covers most mainstream vehicle manufacturers, and lets you check the status of a specific vehicle

Or by checking the vehicle manufacturer’s website - which may also include non-safety recalls around issues such as emissions. For example:

On the Toyota website at: https://www.toyota.co.uk/owners/vehicle-information/recall-checker.json

Other popular searches include the Vauxhall Zafira at: http://www.vauxhall.co.uk/zafiracustomeradvice.html

& Volkswagen at: http://www.volkswagen.co.uk/owners/emissionsinfo

Also you can try using the DVSA’s general safety vehicle recalls service on the GOV.UK website at: https://www.gov.uk/check-if-a-vehicle-has-been-recalledwhich lets you see what recalls are in place for which types of vehicle

To use any of these services you’ll generally need the vehicle’s registration number or vehicle identification number (VIN) to find the information you’re looking for.

What are the top 3 MOT fails?

The top fail item for all vehicle types is ‘headlamp aim incorrectly set’. If your headlamp or headlamp bulb has been replaced since the last test then it may be worth checking whether one headlamp is significantly higher than the other, or the aim isn’t too high or low. You can do this by shining the headlamps on a garage door or another suitable surface.

While checking the headlamps, ask someone to sit in the car to operate the rest of the lamps while you walk around the car checking all the other lamps. Don’t forget the hazard warning lamps and the number plate lights. If these don’t work, changing the bulb is usually simple enough, but some headlamp bulbs can be much more difficult and require assistance from a repairer.

2. Tyre tread depth

Another common fail for all vehicle types is tyre tread depth below the minimum requirement. If any of the tread looks low, insert a 20p coin edge into the main grooves and if the outer rim of the coin is hidden then the tread is probably fine. If you’re not sure, many tyre outlets are happy to do a free check.

3. Windscreen wipers

Windscreen wipers not clearing the windscreen effectively are another common fail. You can easily check this by operating the wipers and the washers. If the blades don’t clear the water effectively from the screen and leaves areas untouched or smears across the driver’s view then this may result in a fail. Wiper blades do wear over time and become damaged by grit and dirt, so they need replacing at regular intervals. Also if there isn’t any fluid in the washers then this would also be a fail.

The most common failures can be avoided by taking the time to do a simple walk around check of the vehicle before taking it for test. Potential failure items can be easily identified and rectified by owners.

Where can I find the MoT reminder service?

The DVSA are currently working on a BETA testing phase for an MoT reminder service, should you like to try this new service, FREE of charge currently, visit: https://www.reminders.mot-testing.service.gov.uk/.

What type of vehicles do you service?

We service all makes and models using quality assured parts fitted by trained technicians.

Do you repair cars?

Our trained technicians are?able to?perform repairs?to all makes and models with quaranteed parts.

Do you service & repair light commercial vehicles?

We also have extensive experience in the service and repair?of light commercial vehicles. Call for details.

What type of servicing do you offer? Do you have a fixed price service?

Rather than offer fixed price servicing which can be very generic, we offer servicing to the manufacturers?specification which will?be dependant on the?year and mileage of your vehicle. Vehicle manufacturers invest a great deal of time in researching the particular needs of your vehicle and in offering manufacturer servicing we support this, although we can also offer a more taylor made service, specific to your individual requirements.

Can we service your vehicle whilst it is still under warranty?

Despite the lack of?general awareness?around this issue. Yes, we can service and repair?your vehicle whilst it is still under warranty. In 1995, under European law to prevent anti-competitive practices,?the motor industry introduced?'block exemption' to?protect consumers?rights. Under the Motor Vehicle Block?Exemption Regulations (BER), consumers have a right to take their vehicles to an independent garage, should they choose to,?for service and repair?under the condition that manufacturer approved parts are used and that manufacturer servicing plans are adhered to.??

What should I do? - I have a warning/ engine management light?on my dash

There are a?multiple of reasons why a warning or engine management light may?be displayed on your dashboard. Do not ignore it, contact?us to book a diagnostic - it may not be a significant fault but ignoring problems can?sometimes lead to further?complications and costs.

Why do you use Mobil 1? lubricants?

We use Mobil 1? lubricants, not only because?it is the World's leading synthetic oil brand?but because we feel that it offers your vehicle the optimum care its deserves. Mobil 1??have 42 years of experience in developing their lubricants with race teams and vehicle manufacturers alike to aid in achieving better fuel efficiency, extending the life of catalytic converters by lowering prosperous levels; and ultimately to provide the best protection?for your engine over a range of?temperatures and driving conditions.

Do you offer a collection & delivery service?

Yes, we offer a local collection and delivery service. Please call to discuss your requirements.

Are your parts guaranteed?

Yes, all the parts we use are quality assured and come with a 12,000 mile or 1 years guarantee.

What vehicles do you M.o.T?

We M.o.T cars and vans up to 3 tonne as well?as?motorcycles and scooters.

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